Dar Essideh, House the Lady, a special home in the place where Jesus was born

  • Warm welcoming
  • Great view
  • Rooms for families
  • Traditional food or self cooking kitchen
  • Parking
  • Free Wi-Fi

In Arabic, Dar Essideh means House of the Lady. It takes its name from the name of the street on which it is located and highlights the memory of the Virgin Mary that is believed to live in some of the houses of the area. It also highlights the image and role in the society of the Palestinian Women who are known for their profound hospitality and care for others.

The house is located just a couple of steps to the Nativity Church and next to the street that leads to the Milk Grotto, of which a beautiful tradition says being the place where a drop of milk of the Virgin Mary feeding the Baby Jesus fell down on the ground turning the stone into milky white.

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